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Scalable, sustainable, smart: we make ocean data collection better.

While working with ocean data, we discovered it was sparse and inaccurate. The methods used to collect it - primarily drifting buoys - are expensive and unreliable.


We knew there must be a better way to collect data. And so, our technology was born.


Oshen stands for sustainable, innovative technology, and exploring our oceans. Our vessels are fully autonomous, stationkeeping, and scalable, allowing you to make greener choices without having to sacrifice on cost or data quality.

To demonstrate our technology, we're taking part in the Microtransat Challenge, aiming to be the first fully autonomous vessel under 2.4m to cross the Atlantic.


Meet Our Team

A mixture of university students, postgraduates and professional advisors, all united in trying to create the first fully autonomous sailing vessel to cross the Atlantic and successfully complete The Microtransat Challenge.

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Electrical and Control

System Lead

Ciaran Dowds

Project Coordinator and

Vessel Design

Anahita Laverack

Marketing Lead

Kate Pesenti

About: Our Team
About: Our Team
About: Our Team
About: Our Team
About: About Us



Peter Smout 

An aerospace technical engineer with over thirty years of experience in senior-level management

Wayne Pavalko.jpg

Wayne Pavalko 

Founder of WRG LLC and developer of the Maker Buoy, a 'smart buoy' that has been used in a variety of ocean projects


Ruth Mallors-Ray

Member of the technical advisory board of

Reaction Engines


Arthur Richier

Head of Strategic Partnerships at energy and shipping analytics startup

Oshen's Team.JPG

The Intern Team


Bashshar Khan

A third year aeronautical engineering student at Imperial College London. Currently working on rudder design and market research for future commercial applications.

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Adam Driver

Recent Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics graduate from Southampton University. Working on hardware design aspects and manufacture of Gen2 vessels.

Ffion Llewellyn

Recent Aeronautics graduate from Imperial. Currently working on computational fluid dynamics analysis of the sail design, and analyzing historical wind data for validation of Oshen’s path-planning algorithm.

Ignacio Jimenez

Recent Electrical Engineering Graduate from University College London. Currently working on power management of the Gen2 vessels to optimise performance with limited solar energy.

Aryan Shah

Second year Earth and Planetary Science student at Imperial College London. Using experience from working as business associate at Karman Space Program to explore opportunities available with Oshen’s technology.

John Jones

Fourth year aeronautics student at Imperial College London. Applying 8 years of competitive sailing experience and an interest in control and propulsion to sail design. Also leads manufacture of Oshen’s Gen2 Transatlantic vessels.

Yuliang Zhu

Fourth year Electrical Engineering student from Imperial College London. Using experience in embedded systems and RTOS to integrate Oshen’s electrical systems.

Key Contributors

Gus Cox

Design Engineering student at Imperial College London who assisted with the renders and concept design.

Ben Rose

Recent Aeronautical Engineering graduate from Imperial College London who carried out the initial sail aerodynamic simulations.

Peter Costello

A Imperial College London student who helped with the initial construction of the first Oshen prototype.

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