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Scalable, sustainable, smart: we make ocean data collection better.

Traditional data collection methods, such as drifting buoys, short-range ASVs or manned ships, are falling short in the face of modern demands for accurate metocean and acoustic data. Drifting buoys, while useful, are limited by their inability to remain in target locations and require an expensive deployment mission. Manned ships, on the other hand, are expensive and not always feasible for continuous data collection.

Our autonomous micro-vessels solve these problems by behaving like drifting buoys with a purpose. They harness wind and solar power to navigate and maintain position in desired areas, ensuring a steady stream of reliable data. With our technology, you get the efficiency of drifting buoys and the precision of manned ships, but without the drawbacks.


Meet Our Team

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Ciaran Dowds

Co-founder, CTO

Anahita Laverack

Co-founder, CEO

About: Our Team
About: Our Team
About: Our Team
About: Our Team
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Brett Phaneuf

Brett is the founder and chief executive of Submergence Group  (USA) / MSubs (UK), specialising in robust, manned and unmanned ocean-going systems. A serial entrepreneur, Brett recently lead the development of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship - a 50ft AI powered vessel that crossed the Atlantic in June 2022. 

Wayne Pavalko.jpg

Wayne Pavalko 

Founder WRG, Inventor of the MakerBuoy. Driven by a fascination with the Internet of Things applied to the ocean, Wayne pioneered the MakerBuoy - an open source, low cost drifter. From Atlantic crossings to tracking ocean plastic, Wayne’s creations have survived the harshest of ocean environments, often for 600+ days.


Dr Peter Smout

An Associate Fellow at Rolls Royce, Peter has over 30 years experience in technical engineering challenges, and has contributed to several patents ranging from composite fan blades to a novel method of operating a heat exchanger assembly for a gas turbine engine.

arthur headshot.jpg

Arthur Richier

Head of Partnerships, strategy and sustainability at Vortexa, a leading energy and shipping AI analytics scale-up, and has featured in Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, The Moscow Times and The Houston Chronicle. His specialist interest in machine learning extends to start-up funding across logistics and insurance.

Key Contributors

Gus Cox

Design Engineering graduate from Imperial College London who assisted with the renders, concept design and manufacture of the first prototype. 


Kate Pesenti

Founder emeritus and marketing lead Jan 2022- Jan 2023, Kate's work had a huge impact on the conception of Oshen and in securing initial funding.  

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