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Work at Oshen

Like what you've seen so far? We're a fast-moving, innovative company with big plans. In just a year we've built a working prototype, and are backed by private investors and the European Space Agency. 


We're on a mission to deploy large quantities of tiny robots in one of Earth's harshest environments, and collect crucial data: for climate change mitigation, hurricane prediction, biodiversity protection and so much more. 

We're bringing together a team of exceptional engineers and operators to achieve this - will you join us?

Open Positions

While we aren't actively hiring at the moment, we are likely to be expanding the team in coming months. We're open to any speculative applicants - just drop a note in a cover letter or email why you think you can add value to Oshen, along with your CV. 

We're particularly eager to hear from those with expertise in any of the following areas:

  • Weather modelling

  • Meteorology

  • Ocean hardware 

  • Start-up operations 

  • Data analysis + visualization

  • Naval architecture / hydrodynamics

  • Marine biology 

  • Oceanography

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