Oshen Render

Changing the game in data collection.

Welcome to Oshen, the company that aims to design and build the first fully autonomous boat to cross the Atlantic. In doing so, we'll prove that ocean data collection can be simpler, cheaper and more efficient.


Who are Oshen?

We've noticed that ocean data collection is extremely expensive. We want to change that.

Oshen is a small sailboat designed for long fully autonomous passages in harsh marine environments. By being able to travel from point A to B completely by itself, we remove the need for chartering and deployment costs. This could save your company thousands of pounds.

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What Can We Do?

Wide-scale low cost ocean surveying techniques don't exist yet, and this is what Oshen could achieve. Data gathered and transmitted from Oshen could inform:

Weather forecasting

Upper Ocean dynamics

Earthquake detection

Oil spills and leaks

Waste plastic detection and modelling

Ocean circulation 

Chlorophyll concentration

Ocean acoustics

Climate change modelling and predictions


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