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Welcome to Oshen

Oshen is an ocean technology company developing a new generation of ocean sensing systems.


We've noticed users have the choice of two extremes to capture ocean data: on the cheap & low capability side, drifting or moored buoys. On the opposite side: manned ships or large, expensive & complex autonomous surface vessels.


At Oshen we seek to chart the middle ground, offering a low-cost, reliable sensor platform that can collect data from a precise location as needed or transit through a wider area.

Comprehensive dashboard

Our micro-vessels transmit data back live via satellite to a customisable data dashboard. Build APIs to comprehensively translate data into useful and actionable intelligence.

2Full screen dashboard view 1.png

Intelligent operations

Plan, monitor and manage an autonomous micro-vessel fleet with our easy to use mission planner. Respond instantly to changing needs and re-task a fleet to capture the data you need.

3Full screen dashboard view 1.png



Single person deployable

No equipment, heavy machinery or cranes required. Simply deploy by throwing overboard or launch from a beach or pontoon. 


Easy to use

Designed with simplicity in mind to minimise maintenance costs and training time


Long duration monitoring

Wind propulsion and solar power means there's no limit on the range - plan missions of several months. 


Spatial coverage

The micro-vessel's low cost nature allows for accessible deployment of entire fleets, enabling better spatial coverage of an area.

Supporting our partners in science, industry and research.

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